Walk In Wellness Center

Welcome to walk-In Wellness Center! Located at 324 Highway 7, Unit 101

1. For treatment,  GTA Pain Rehab Centre Inc. – acupuncture and more booking appointment 416-800-7417 (www.gtapainrehab.ca)

秀中医艾灸馆  416-800-7417

2. For holistic herbal tea, Traditional Chinese Medicine or classical remedies as well as various moxa products (moxa stick, moxa roll, moxa sticker, moxa tools, moxa leaves, etc), pls. visit

www. goodherbalstore.com , and pick up at 2 locations ( 324 Highway 7 unit 101, Richmond Hill  or 43 Stacey Cres., Thornhill, ON, L3T6Z7)- pick up phone 647-680-9078

大多伦多(万锦)艾灸产品批发零售,中成药及空间医学茶包, 姜艾温灸贴等古中医养生产品。 Goodherbalstore.com

3. For online holistic herbal tea or Traditional Chinese Medicine  seminars , or for any product or education or partnership opportunities, pls. visit showtcm.com