Welcome to Show TCM Health and Education Group !

Our Slogan:   Let Health to be Inexpensive!

Our Vision

To elevate the holistic health education of all humanity!

Our Mission

Promote the holistic health concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine;  teach the most effective health maintenance ideolology; and provide the best health care products to make everyone’s body and mind healthier.


Our Uniqueness

Integrate education, treatment, and health preservation;  lead the correct understanding of health concepts; use the most effective and comfortable way to help everyone get rid of illness and fitness, and prolong life.

Our Team

The company has gathered a group of top professional and folk masters in the Chinese medicine industry. They not only have a thorough understanding of Chinese medicine, but also have their own unique clinical treatment fields with many years of clinical experience. Whether it is moxibustion, space medicine tea bags, ancient Chinese medicine health preservation or the development of our branded Tai Chi Formula series of products, we are all supported and guided by our top professionals, including the world-famous space science herbal tea master Zheng, JianChao.

Our Products

All our products are natural herb based.   They are made either according to the most ancient Chinese medicine concept or with combination of the space medicine theory of teacher Guo Zhichen (disciple Zheng Jianchao).  All our natural herbs or Chinese medicine ingredients are carefully selected to gurantee the safety and effectiveness.  We priced them low to allow easier access of ordinary people.
We welcome all our partner around the world to work together with us to make the world better.
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Our Education

We are not focusing on book knowledge testing.  We dedicate ourselves to provide you practical explanation of various health problems and how to deal with them even by yourself.   Our courses will specially combine moxibustion and space medicinal tea concept so you can learn to treat yourslef and your family.  Learn with us, we gurantee that you can be your best doctor of your family.

Our Treatment

The purpose of our treatmet is to provide customers with the most traditional and effective services. We emphasize the replenishment of human energy and the restoration of vital qi.  We combine traditional moxibustion and acupuncture with space medical holistic tea bags.  We combine the original point massage theory with traditional Chinese medicine meridian balancing tuina therapy.  Whether pain or severe systemic disease, we hope that your healthy recovery and experience will begin with us.
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