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Welcome to Show TCM Global Health Club!


The new era of the holistic natural health of Chinese medicine has begun. Welcome to join us to help family and friends gain health while achieving your financial goals. The Show TCM Global Health Club integrates traditional Chinese medicine holistic health care, customized wellness solution and health education, to help our members achieve both physical and mental health. Let everyone not only enjoys the company’s high-quality health care products, but also understand the mechanism of various diseases, so as to effectively prevent them.

Regular Member

Free registration- please contact your direct sponsor or your local regional representative. You can enjoy the company’s various health and wellness seminars. You are entitled to enjoy the standard formula tea bags specially made by the company for members (Tai Chi Yin Yang tea) and a more precise personalized holistic solutions (herbal tea plus moxibustion and diet, etc)


Regional Representative

Helps the company develop the global holistic health business, and enjoy the company’s unique rewards. Those with outstanding performance have the opportunity to participate in the company management and enjoy the company’s equity shares.

.The most cutting-edge personalized health solution services

. The simplest traditional business model

. The least investment-only about CAD 1,000 (RMB 5,000) to start a global business

. Passive annual income


Whether you want to start a business or increase some additional income, there is room for you to develop here. How big your dream is,  how big your achievement will be.  We welcome your  enterpreneurship!

To protect the interests of each regional representative, each region has a limit on the number of regional representatives. Take action early to get the opportunity. Please contact the regional representative who recommended you to obtain relevant information.  And you are welcome to join our irregular global investment conferences.


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