Tai Chi Yin Yang Tea-details

Tai Chi Yin Yang Tea

Modern people have too much pressure on the upper side of the body.  In Chinese medicine theory, we call this reverse yin and yang.   Fast-paced life, heavy work pressure, staying up late, over eating fat and greasy food, unsatisfactory emotions, long-term lack of energy in the lower Jiao- all these cause poor qi flow and lead to the imbalance of the five elements and the imbalance of the five internal organs which in turn caused various physical discomforts, chronic diseases, from mild to severe.

Tai Chi Yin Yang Tea is developed based on the long-term experiment and clinical experiences from our expert teams in various ancient Chinese medicine and space medicine fields.

Modern people body characteristic is like a foggy day,  filled with congestion.  Eating too much high nutritional products will cause greater qi stagnation on the upper part. Tai Chi Yin Yang tea is very light, and releases very small amount yet quick qi movement. Just like in a foggy day, only a small amount of air can pass through the fog, thereby quickly driving the dissipation of the entire foggy area. Tai Chi Yin Yang tea works in the human body exactly in similar way. 

Tai Chi Yin Yang tea does not target any disease, but only adjusts the normal physiological function of the human body. The human body in normal situation is  constantly carrying out the yin-yang cycle. When there is problem, the movement becomes slow or blocked.  Gradually the Yin and Yang became reverse. We will then get health problems. Tai Chi Yin Yang Tea can help yin and yang slowly return to its normal position, thereby driving the body’s overall Qi to circulate, which in turn will drive the internal organs to adjust by themselves. Eventually our body can achieve the self-healing. Drinking Tai Chi Yin Yang tea regularly can prevent and cure diseases and prolong life. One cup a day, problems away. Tai Chi Yin Yang tea has a wide range of applications, and only the following are listed here.  

Teenager Mental Issues People

Relieve stress, improve on mental health,  keep brain sharp

Office People

Relieve work pressure and stress, make a person more energetic,  keep brain sharp

Memory loss and Dementia 

Because the elderly are weak in vitality and poor in the spleen and stomach, blood circulation in the head will be slow, which will cause blockage. Merely taking nutrition, especially all kinds of supplements and nutritional products, sometimes temporarily effective, will cause even more blockage after a long time. As the saying goes, running water does not rot. This problem can only be solved by allowing blood to circulate in the head.  Tai Chi Yin Yang tea can be very helpful.

Fire or qi uprising after Moxibustion

Many people feel like internal fire or qi uprising after moxibustion. The main reason is that there is blockage  on the back or upper jiao, Tai Chi Yin Yang tea can effectively dredge blockage, and can be the best helper for moxibustion family members.

High Blood Pressure

It can effectively reduce the upper body and head pressure. Drinking often can slowly reduce or even stop high blood pressure medication-different from person to person.

Stay late at night

Staying up late will cause the Yang Qi to concentrate on the head and upper body, which can easily cause heart or mental problems. Drinking regularly can relieve stress. Of course, it is always advised to tackle the root cause – to sleep early.  

Acnes or red rashes

Due to damp heat gathering on the head or on the upper body, qi does not circulate well. Drinking the tea often can promote the qi moving and disperse the  accumulated heat and humidity

Catching cold and Fever

Fever is because the upper Jiao and the upper back is blocked.  Tai Chi yin and yang tea do not target diseases, but it can help promote the qi circulation so the stagnated heat will dissipate by itself.


Many lecturers, singers or teachers can easily have throat problems. Many chronic pharyngitis are due to overuse damage to the throat which caused local qi and blood circulation to be poor,  thence causing inflammation and discomfort. Tai Chi Yin Yang tea will be very helpful

Breast and uterine problems caused by qi stagnation

Women are prone to qi stagnation due to their emotional and physiological characteristics. It has been clinically found that most women have more or less qi stagnation caused by emotional distress, leading to certain diseases-the upper breast, the lower uterus (the lower part is often due to cold). Therefore, the general direction is to normalize the qi flow.  Therefore, drinking Tai Chi Yin-Yang regularly can prevent the qi stagnation and relieve the emotional pressure. After taking it for a period of time, as the cells collide and open and close, women’s breast nodules and pain might also gradually dissipate or relieve.


In the process of aging, many people, especially women, suffer from various sagging. At the same time, because of the qi stagnation, many people who love beauty often worry about wrinkles, lack of elasticity or various dark spots and dull skin. Some easily go to laser or plastic surgery- a lot with all sorts of regrets. It is recommended that everyone drink some Tai Chi Yin-Yang tea every day to help the normal body qi circulation. You might be surprised to find your skin will become shiny again one day.

All Other Types of Chronic Issues

Anyone who understands quantum theory will know that a slight movement of a tiny quantum will cause a large butterfly effect in space. Thereby, a quantum reaction occurs in the external space thousands of miles away. The same goes for Tai Chi Yin Yang tea. There is space between cells, organs, or all kinds of cavities inside of our body, which in normal case is filled with nutritional qi.  The movement of a little bit of spatial qi in such cavities will cause the opening and closing of the cells where it passes, thereby stimulating the flow of energy in the human body. Therefore, Tai Chi Yin Yang tea does not cure diseases, but it can benefit the healing of most problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Gong Ying be too cold in Tai Chi Yin Yang Tea?

Answer: Tai Chi yin and yang tea does not distinguish between cold and heat. The herbal amount is very small. It will not cause cold and heat problems. When we say “cold”, it means the body cells move too slowly. The qi movement from Tai Chi Yin Yang Tea can cause cells to collide with each other, and the cells start to move. The movement will generate heat, so the problem of cold is solved. At the same time, if there is heat, in the process of constant energy flow, the stagnant heat can be dispersed by itself along with the circulation of the Qi.

  • Is Tai Chi Yin Yang Tea Safe? 

Answer: Tai Chi Yin Yang tea is safer than green tea. It just tries to restore body qi back to its normal physiological status.  In another word, body qi normally will flow this way, only it became too slow. In addition, we have strict quality control in the selection and production process. And there are strict inspections by the official inspection department to ensure that its safety exceeds the requirements of normal food grades.

  • Is this normal that there is tongue tingkling sensation?

Answer: A slight tingling sensation in the tongue after drinking tea is normal. It is the unique charateristic of the herb Du Huo. Don’t worry, feel free to use it.

  • Is there any side effect?

Answer: Tai Chi yin and yang tea can even be drunk by children. So far, no side effects have been found. During the adjustment process of the human body, there will be some improvement reactions, similar like other treatment such as moxibustion or traditional Chinese medicine soup. We will update those reactions and explain whether normal or not normal on our website.  Pls. stay tuned

  • How is the taste of Tai Chi Yin Yang Tea?

Answer: Due to its specific functioning theory, this tea is designed with very small herbal quantity to promote fast qi movement.  So it is very light, with very good taste- even very young kids can accept

  • Can people with low blood pressure dring Tai Chi Yin Yang Tea?

Answer:Most people with low blood pressure are also suitable. It has been clinically found that many customers with low blood pressure have insufficient vitality in Xiajiao (lower part of the body) and unable to circulate the clear qi sufficiently, which causes qi stasis to be blocked in the upper Jiao (upper body) and the head, so they often feel hypoxic and dizzy on the head. There are very few people with complete deficiency syndrome by looking at the their tongue image clinically ( less than 10%). So even blood pressure is low, you can also drink.  You might feel your mind is a bit clearer after a while.


As this tea is formulated by our practitioners, it is only provided to our registered health club members,  or partners.    For more reaction or questions, we will answer in our member supporting group.  

You can contact the person whe referred you to get the tea or from any of your local participating club representatives.