Ginger Moxa Heat Plaster

Ginger Moxa Heat Plaster

Ginger Moxa Heat Plaster is one of the branded products from Tai Chi Formula series。 

Based on traditional Chinese medicinal theory, it is made from more than 10 natural herbs, such as Jingger, Moxa, GuiZhi, ChuangXiong, Hong Hua, RuXiang, MaHuang, CaoWu, etc.


Dispel coldness and dampness;  Reduce swelling and pain;  Warm womb; Activate blood

Widely used for various problems such as

1:  Neck stiffness

2. Sport injury and various pain, such as neck, shoulder, back, lower back, knee, etc.

3. Cold wombs (painful period, cold limbs, cold lower abdomen, fertility issue)


Used for

  1. Neck stiffness: Stick the plaster on Da Zhui and JianJing (painful side)
  2. For other pain: just apply to the painful area- no open wound application
  3. For womens’ issue: put on sacrum area -(Ba Liao points),  and Belly button, Guan Yuan and Zi Gong points (or simply belly botton and lower area).


Easy to use.  Just remove protection paper and atick to the painful areas.   typical heat for 6-8 hours (you can remove it earlier if you feel too hot).  Daily or alternate days.


1. External Use only

2. Not for allergic skin, open wound or red rashes

3. If skin itchy or red, stop use and wait until skin is back to normal

4. Not to replace any treatment


Feedback from customers:

Very good effects,  seniors and women.