By law Change proposal for Home occupation for Practitioners

Dear councilor, good day.

Today I am writing to you regarding home occupation /business by law change proposal. Currently this home business by-law stipulates that practitioners such as massage therapist, acupuncturists, osteopath therapist, physiotherapist, chiropractors, etc. are only allowed to perform at a home residence on major road or intersection. I hope that the current by law terms can be revisited and changed to allow massage therapists, acupuncturists, physiotherapists and chiropractors, osteopath therapist, etc to be able to perform at any residential building just like facial, spa, hair salon, accountant, etc. and other home businesses  (not only limited to major road or intersections).

I would appreciate that you help bring out for new discussion and possibly change the by law soon. I hope that I can be informed of the progress if possible.

Thank you

ps. by law number might be a bit different, the the contents are similar. If you can find your city specific by law , then refer to it. If not, you can just use my letter.